600W Steel Whole Fruit & Veg Citrus Extractor Centrifugal Electric Juicer

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The Dihl Juicer takes just a few seconds to shred fruit and vegetables with its robust stainless steel cutting blades, the centrifugal force then filters out the pulp into the large 1.5L container leaving you with smooth, fresh juice.

There is no need to pre-chop the fruit and veg as the 7cm chute allows you to add many fruits in whole (ensuring any stones are removed) which saves time on any peeling or chopping. It features two speed settings, one for softer foods such as leafy greens and the second for harder foods such as carrots.

Safety is paramount to Dihl so this appliance has a built-in auto shut-off function and non-slip feet to avoid any accidents and for your peace of mind. It is easy to assemble, dismantle and comes with dishwasher safe parts making it easy to clean.

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle with the Dihl Juicer. Just one glass (150ml) of unsweetened 100% fruit/vegetable juice counts as one portion of your 5-a-day, meaning this juicer could be part of your improved, healthier lifestyle.