Extra Life Kitchen Washing Up Latex Rubber Gloves Small

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arigold Extra Life Kitchen Washing Up Latex Rubber Gloves Large Medium or Small

Marigold for a brighter clean, Extra-life kitchen gloves. Triple- layered to last longer, roll top cuffs that stay up and cotton lined to be extra comfy.
WARNING: These gloves contains natural latex which may cause an allergic reaction. 
  • Extremely durable and tough unlike standard gloves that have one or two layers, these Marigold gloves are triple layered.
  • Higher resistance to puncture and tear and against the harshest of kitchen and oven cleaners.
  • Natural rubber latex and comfy cotton lining makes them elastic and flexible for comfort in use.
  • Design/Shape fitted to the hand and pinched in at the wrist to stop water getting in and make the task easier.
  • Roll-top cuffs for durability and to help them stay up.
  • Excellent grip due to the ‘safe-hold pattern.
Each pack contains 1 pair of gloves.